Ascension Acdemy

`A Ceremony of Divine Mother`

wDivine Motherx

Divine mother is a divine feminity.

It is the center of universe.

It is the heart, soul, and the Sun.

It is pure love itself and a source of Love.

It creates everything, and nurtures.

The past two thousand years of physical dimention
was a representation of physical dominance,

representation of the physical dimention itself,
and an era of low-dimentional mascularity.

The coming Aquarius era will be a high-dimentional
feminal era. It represents spirit, energy and
consciousness as opposed to the physical dimention.

It is an evolution of spirit and consciousness,
which is pure "ascension"!

The source will be the center of you and as a whole,
which is the Divine Feminity.

Just like the divine energy of Naiku and Geku
which are pair of shrines of *Ise Jingu,

*(the top pf shinto and the shrine of ancestral kami
AMATERASU of the Imperial Family)

true Divine Feminity exists inside true strength.

That is because (destroying is easy) true creation and
its source is truly divine and pure.

And that is true and everlasting happiness, joy,
evolution and source of creation!

Trancelated by Teruko Amano, Akaru Amano

Supreme Divine Mother
Spiritual Hierarchy
|New Macro Cosmos Asension Academy|